Geekend 2017/2 in Graz!


  • Cosa: hacking, biohacking, talks
  • Quando: 29.9 18:00 -> 1.10. 16:00
  • Dove: Brockmanngasse 15-17, Graz, Austria
  • Costo: ?


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  • Mi interessa, ma non posso partecipare (data occupata, ecc)
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Dear Geeks and Beings,

This is your invitation to Geekend 2017/2 in Graz!

Like its predecessors [4] in Salzburg and Innsbruck [5],
we are looking to have a cozy get together with our fellows
from Hackerspaces in and around Austria.

The program is still evolving, so there’s plenty of room left
to thrown in your ideas! Currently we plan on some hacking,
biohacking, talks and productive orga-talk. (34c3 is coming)
Warning: Socializing may occur.

Practically minded persons will think of bringing money for food.

Start: Friday 29.9 18:00 [1]
End: Sunday 1.10. 16:00
Location: Brockmanngasse 15-17, Graz, Austria

For all details please visit our Wiki Page [2]
For Tips on Hostels, Hotels, etc in Graz see [3]

Please feel free to forward this invitation.

If you plan to come, help us plan ahead!
Tell us you are coming:

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Best of Greetings,
The members of realraum

[4] “here in the south” for all you northerners
[5] which we could not possibly measure up to.

DEADLINE per organizzazione: ?

Troppe cose in ballo… non so ancora come sarò in quella data. In linea di massima mi interessa parecchio.

@Aiace9: potresti aggiungere al poll la voce “farò di tutto per esserci, ma sarà un casino quindi probabile che non potrò” :smiley: