Laboratorij bodočnosti 2017

Laboratorij bodočnosti

  • Cosa: Evento
  • Quando: 21 maggio
  • Dove: Trieste, molo 4

Alla Mini maker fair di Ljubljana abbiamo fatto una bella figura a mio avviso. Quindi direi di riproporre la stessa formula. Dato che siamo vicini alla sede, possiamo portare anche più roba, magari un più viaggi.

@5er chideva se nel nostro spazio possiamo mettere anche lo striscione di SK Devin come collaboratore del progetto. Gli ho detto assolutamente di si. Dire che così diventa più autorevole la nostra presenza all’evento organizzato dalla federeazione sportiva.

@kucukben @franco.pellegr
is possible to have a 3D visor ad so on for this event? And of course also you together, if possible.


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Ciao @Hrast Thanks for the invite! We can arrange to drop the setup and to take it back but we cannot attend unfortunately. What time does it start, end?
When it comes to logos we might also need to put Sissa there but I have to check w Sissa for that also. Will let you know.
Under other circumstances I would have cleaned up the code & uploaded etc but since we did not decide on the commercialisation level of the project yet, I would keep it as is for the moment. Enjoy the lab!

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Thank you for reply @kucukben.
The event start at 9:30 and end at 19:00. We will begin with the setup of space at 8:30.

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Ciao a tutti! Ci servirà l’elenco completo di chi sarà presente domenica cosi possiamo comunicarlo avanti, quindi selezionate la vostra risposta al poll!.

Ciao @g5pw as i mentioned we wont be able to attend, but we both wanna come for the setup (with Pax!). do we need registration/badges to enter? Feel free to let me know when you can, also about the doggie entrance :slight_smile: Cheers!

I don’t think Pax will be a problem :slight_smile: let’s meet at Mittelab at 8.00-8.30?

great! see you then!

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can I make a small poster like this to put in front of our simulator?
other ideas are welcome :slight_smile:
logo_sim.pdf (177,5 KB)

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Hi @5er ! Thanks for the logo draft. Whenever it is in its final form, you can let me know and I can print it at the school if needed. Any input from @media is very welcome!

@hrast: I have just heard back from the school, indeed we can have the logo. With that, we can also get some visibility through the school’s outreach and press office, it seems! Director appears to be very supportive of advertising this collaboration! yay :slight_smile:

@5er Please, use the vectorial rappresentation (like svg) (if possible) or an High-res bitmap in a losless format, no JPEG for logo plz. You can find our logo in a vectorial file format is here:

If you do not use a vectorial image when you print a big poster this will be the result:

Say no to logo saved in JPEG… join the resistance.

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Hi all,
school’s “press office” want to advertise the bike project and this event. We were asked to provide fb/twitter links for the project. Since there are none, it is a good opportunity to give the ones of Mitte and SKDevin I think. They also asked for a project description. I drafted the one below, removing all the technicality and just added sth everyone knows at the end: wifi vs bluetooth :stuck_out_tongue:
Below is my message to them. If nobody has immediate objections I’ll send. Cheers!
(ps: feel free to move this to the bike thread if needed)

You can tag the Mittelab twitter and facebook, as well as SKDevin as below:

Virtual reality bike: a Sissa + Mittelab + SKDevin collaboration
Stationary bike is a good alternative to cycling in environments with high slopes or with strong winds like Bora; and in Trieste we have both! However being stationary can also make this form of exercise dull and uninviting. In this project we developed a simple and affordable device that couples a virtual reality environment to the movements on a stationary bike and allows the user to pedal in a virtual world that can potentially be more engaging or restful or fun! To achieve that we measure the revolutions of the wheel and the direction the user steers via sensors; and update the position and the direction of the bike in the virtual world accordingly. In the current form of the bike we use a local wifi network for the communications, in the future we aim to redesign to achieve a more compact module and upgrade to bluetooth connection for lower power consumption.

(edit: the collaboration part is already clear to the press, since I have told them how it came about already. But I am adding here for emphasis on the title)

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Hey all!
@kucukben text is great, links (on the mittelab side) are OK!

Everyone, let’s meet at Mittelab tomorrow at 8.20 and start loading stuff. We still have everything packed from LJMMF, so it should be quick :slight_smile: We even have a checklist now!

Hi @g5pw, I have added the 360 camera to the checklist as you suggested although i did not have permissions to edit directly so i forked it instead. you must have received the merge request. cheers!

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Un grazie a tutti quelli che sono passati a dare una mano

L’evento è riuscito molto bene, abbiamo fatto la nostra bella figura! Archivio :slight_smile: