Let’s talk about FOSS licenses

Hi @members, are you ready for this?!

Let’s talk about FOSS licenses

By: Matija Šuklje
When: 30th March 2022
When: at Mittelab hackerspace (via Molino a Vento, 154 - ex ZKB Bank)

Ever wondered about FOSS licenses and how to comply with them? Or just what you need to know about etc. when coding? Come to Mittelab tomorrow and find out! P.S. there will be tools as well :wink:

Lawyer by trade and hacker by heart, Matija “hook” Šuklje, feels most at home at the intersection between both worlds. Toying with FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) since the late 90’s, he has experience on this topic from all three sectors – NGO, public as well as corporate. For several years he was FSFE’s legal coordinator and is currently Senior IP Counsel at Liferay.

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See you tomorrow!