Maker Faire Rome 2017

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  • Cosa:maker faire di roma 2017
  • Quando:1-3/12/2017
  • Dove:roma
  • Costo: 10€ (da verificare, gratis per i partecipanti)


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  • Mi interessa, ma non posso partecipare (data occupata, ecc)
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DEADLINE per organizzazione: 25/9/2017

Cia0 a tutti.
Io parteciperò alla fiera di Roma portando le gambe robot. Per chi interessato lo posso aggiungere alla lista dei collaboratori (così non paga l’ingresso :wink:) e offro anche il viaggio in macchina (max 3-4 posti) al costo di un pò di supporto allo stand. Si parte giovedì 30/11 e si torna lunedì 4/12. Ancora da prenotare le 4 notti.

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  • Parteciperò
  • Mi interessa, ma non posso partecipare (data occupata, ecc)
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Ciao Stefano; Franco and I are also thinking of going; probably with the drone-vision project but not quite sure yet. In that case we would be happy to share the ride and the costs; and of course we could help each other at the stands if we are not placed too far away. I’ll keep you updated on how our application goes. Cheers!

I’ll be glad if you could partecipate. Remember that the call maker deadline is 1 october 2017 !

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Ciao Kucukben; the deadline for maker faire rome is postponed at 8th october. Are you still interested to partecipate?

Ciao Stefano! Indeed I have seen it today… I dont think we will manage
this year, although I might write sth last minute :slight_smile: if that happens I’ll
let you know, otherwise it is safe to assume we are not going. Thanks again
& have a great time.

Hey all! How was the Maker Faire? :slight_smile:

Very nice!
Finally, I’ve much more space but wasn’t possible to visit all stand
There were 750 expositors in more of 100.000 mq!
Unfortunately, my old pc was stolen!

Wow, that sucks :frowning: were there other bipedal robots? Did you end up going to the faire together with @kucukben?

I didn’t see other bipedal robot but there was a lot of arms or hands robot.

I didn’t hear @kucukben for the trip

Heyo! Unfortunately we couldnt manage our schedules & Pax to go. Great that you did & sorry for the PC. Were there other groups from Trieste?

I’m pretty sure @elbaru went with SciFablab :slight_smile:

I found all members of scifablab and a maker with a knee joint. I think that there were other makers from trieste but i couldn’t see them. The MKF17 is too big!