Open hackerspace day

open hackerspace day

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    On the 25th of March 2017, hackerspaces everywhere will open their doors for everyone who wants to know what real hackers are and what they do. There are more than 500 hackerspaces worldwide, with more being founded every year.
    The open day is motely and full of variety, with all kind of activities throughout the world. Every hackerspace has its own program, just a few highlights of the possible subjects: create products with a 3D printer or lasercutter, workshops about soldering and electronics for beginners, lockpicking, how to safely browse the internet and much more.
    Open from 10:00 till 17:00 (or later)

  • Quando: 25/3

  • Dove: mittelab

  • Costo: gratis


Hello dear Hackers,

We want to organise the yearly open hackerspace day on 25th of March. (every last saterday of march)

A open day is a nice moment to showcase your space and get a more broad public to visit your space. On previous editions spaces participated all over the word, would be nice if we can do this again.

Please spread this message in your local community / country / etc.

If you want to participate add your space to :

DEADLINE per organizzazione: 14/03/2017

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Io direi di partecipare!

parere uguale, che facciamo ?

Cosa facciamo (wiki post!)

  • Laboratorio Arduino
  • Hackathon?
  • corso di saldatura (da preparare un circuitino semplice tipo batteria, pulsante, led)
  • stampa di gadgets (che magari i partecipanti si disegnano da soli o con noi - da definire dimensioni massime per evitare stampe che superano 30min)
  • Profit?

Anch’io sono per partecipare! :wink: