RogLab Creathon

RogLab Creathon

  • Cosa: Hackaton (kinda)
  • Quando: December (we begin at 10:00 am) and Sunday 10 December (until 5:00 pm)
  • Dove: Museum of Architecture and Design, Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana
  • Costo: Free(?) accommodation and food will be provided

If you have an idea what your den should be like or if you simply want to spend a creative weekend in good company, join the international two-day Creathon with your friends, or develop your idea on your own. Throughout the process you’ll have a professional team of mentors working in 3D fabrication and modelling, architecture, biotechnology, electrical engineering and the art of spatial interventions to support you and offer some of their valuable advice. We’ll also enjoy the company of master fabricators from the European FabLabNet network.

For every extra info and to register:
English page
Slovenian page


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DEADLINE per organizzazione: First come first serve

Ma solo se siamo in 3 o 4. Andare da solo non mi interessa.

è che, a parte le data dove non posso, sembra più una cosa per design che coding