State of the Net


State of the Net is the international conference which tries to capture the state of art of the internet in Italy and in the world, considering its impact on our society. SotN is a key meeting for the italian industry and tech community, as it investigates dynamics and opportunities in the current digital scenario.

We are proud to gather each year the most relevant opinion makers, entrepreneurs and journalists from Italy, Europe and the United States. The format of the conference is based on keynote speeches setting themes which are then discussed in open conversations with experts and all the attendees in the main room. English is the working language.

Previous editions took place in Trieste (2016 Facts, 2014 Smart Life, 2013 Complexity, 2012 Big Challenges), Udine (2008 Today and Tomorrow) and Milano (2015 Algorithms).

State of the Net is created by Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin and Sergio Maistrello. Members of its steering committee are among the most experienced experts in Italy and Europe.